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X-Connect – World’s 1st Cross-device Magnetic Cable

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Asap X-Connect is a World’s first cross-device compatible magnetic USB cable, means you only need 1 cable for all your smartphone phones including Apple (Lightning) and Android (micro USB & USB-C.)

With asap X-Connect you no longer have to fight with just 1 cable for all your USB devices. This is the world’s most advanced and strongest magnetic cable, even capable of even holding up an iPad Air.

Each asap X-Connect cable features 2x N52 grade neodymium magnets which are the world’s strongest commercial grade magnets. For all you oldies who still think magnets will affect your phones function, mobile phones use SSD (solid state drives) which aren’t affected by small magnets like ours.

In fact your phone itself has over half a dozen magnets inside it to power features such as your speakers. The magnets will also have no impact on your GPS. We’ve clocked over 100 hours both driving and playing Pokémon Go (not whilst driving of course) and can verify this with personal experience.

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