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Keyboard Mod – A Physical Keyboard For The Moto Z

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The Keyboard Mod adds a sliding and tilting 5-row physical keyboard to your Moto Z. it uses the Moto Mods platform to turn your Moto Z into a five-row landscape QWERTY slider with comfortable, backlit keys, just like in the old days…

The Keyboard Mod features a 5-row landscape QWERTY keyboard that slides out and tilts between 0 and 45 degrees. We’re also considering including a battery to extend the phone’s battery life.* With the Keyboard Mod, your Moto Z transforms into a productive mini PC.

The Keyboard Mod features :

  1. A Separate number row
  2. Larger Common Keys
  3. Android navigation buttons
  4. Almost all commonly used symbols
  5. Arrow Keys
  6. Custom Keys
  7. Shortcuts for different utilities
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