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The Freedom Charger – The Toughest, Smartest, most Versatile Charger

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The Freedom Charger is a Toughest, Smartest, most Versatile Charger on the market. it available for both devices Android and iPhone devices.

One head charges all lightning and Micro USB Devices with no parts to change and no parts to lose!  The Freedom Charger come with 2 types of cord one is a steel cords and another one is Hemp cords. Steel cord is a 6 feet and hemp cord is a 4 feet in length.

Features :

  1. All Metal Design
  2. Stainless Steel Flexible Cable
  3. Super Tough Zinc Alloy Housings
  4. Finger grips for easily removing from devices
  5. Two points of attachment on each end protect the wires
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