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CALM – Wearable ECG for sports and sleep analysis

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CALM. is a Wearable ECG for sports and sleep analysis. it specially designed for athletes in mind. With this revolutionary device, you can finally get all the knowledge and insights that you need to enhance and optimize your physical and mental performance.

Anyone who has taken part in endurance sports knows : there are always risks of over-training and injury, whether you are competing or just training. By using CALM. you can be more informed about your exercise load and sleep quality, to make sure you’re not pushing too hard, during training, and get well-rested for your next competition.

CALM. comes with the sensor, charging cable, adjustable chest strap, and disposable gel pads and it works is very simple put the sensor on while you are training. Depending on the type of training, you can use the adjustable chest belt or the disposable gel pad. CALM. will sense your movements and the ECG signal from your heart.

The ECG signal shows the “shape” of each heart beat and can tell you more about your physical and mental condition than heart rate alone. Using this data, we will analyze how hard you are pushing your body in real time, and provide warnings if you are pushing too hard. You can save your training session data to the cloud for analysis later too.

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