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Alternative Apps for SearchWP

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SearchWP is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. It converts your search box into a dynamic tool that helps you find what you're searching for quickly and easily. Either reveal the text you were looking for with color-coded highlighting, or just click on individual words to jump to them.

Alternative Apps for SearchWP

  1. Context Highlight

    Context Highlight is a Firefox add-on that allow you to quickly and easily highlight all instances of a word or phrase within the current page. Simply select the text you want, right click and choose "highlight". - Context Highlight

  2. FindBar Tweak

    FindBar Tweak is a simple browser tweaks such as placing the find bar in the top corner, to the powerful "Find in All Tabs" tool, it has everything to make the Find Toolbar a powerful and accessible research tool! - FindBar Tweak

  3. GlobalFindBar

    it’s an Firefox add-on to improve the Find in page bar, with many appearance and functionality improvements. - GlobalFindBar

  4. Scrollbar Search Highlighter

    Scrollbar Search Highlighter is an Firefox add-on which highlights search terms in the scrollbar(s). - Scrollbar Search Highlighter

  5. Fastest Search - Browse/Shop Faster!

    Search/browse/shop faster than ever! Ctrl-Shift-F for whole-word/regex/all tabs/diacritic search;create custom engines;shopping assistant compares price;Smart SearchBox;Preview results;Auto copy plain text, dnd save image/open link. - Fastest Search

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