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RedCrab - Advanced Scientific Calculator

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RedCrab is a Advanced Scientific Calculator for technical, scientific and financial calculations. it’s an Full screen editor that handle all basic functions like a conventional calculator. it also allows the free placement of algebraic formulas on the worksheet in mathematical notation.


Results can be displayed in different numeric formats or in diagrams. Images and text can be inserted to describe complex calculations. RedCrab is portable App. No installation is required. You can move the RedCrab directory on the PC or to external drives.

Features :-

  1. Free placement of mathematical formulas in natural notation
  2. Numeric formats of results
  3. Graphical display of the results in charts
  4. Accuracy 14 digits
  5. Print selected areas of the worksheet
  6. Insert of text boxes
  7. Insert of images
  8. Over 35 arithmetic and trigonometric functions
  9. 9 functions and operators for bit handling
  10. Data fields and matrix functions
  11. Tooltips with examples and graphics in German and English

Download :- RedCrab Calculator

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