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Calendar Magic - Fully featured Calendar Tool

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Calendar Magic is an easy-to-use fully featured Calendar Tool that provide supports for various types of date calculations, planning calendars, specialized and international calendars, alarm reminders, as well as calculators, unit conversions and more.


Features :-

  1. Support for printing any output displayed, and/or copying it to another program via the Windows clip-board using the usual Ctrl+A , Ctrl+C, Ctrl+P, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V keyboard commands.
  2. Color customization of screen backgrounds, non-button text and button backgrounds.
  3. A Reaction Timer.
  4. A Magic Square Generator.
  5. A Paper Weight Converter for converting between metric paper weights and American paper basis weights.
  6. A Biorhythm Calculator.
  7. A Body Shape Index (ABSI) Calculator.
  8. A Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator.
  9. A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) calculator.
  10. A Pregnancy Calculator for calculating the due date of a pregnancy and other pregnancy related dates.
  11. An Ovulation Calculator for predicting the dates of maximum fertility days.
  12. A Fuel Consumption Calculator.
  13. Average speed based calculations.
  14. A Currency Converter.
  15. A Financial Calculator for performing various financial calculations.
  16. A Number Base Converter for converting numeric values between different number bases.
  17. A Big Numbers Calculator for performing arithmetic operations on very large numbers.
  18. A Time Calculator for performing simple arithmetic on times.
  19. A Unit Converter for converting among 1722 units of measurement in 83 different categories including length, area, volume, mass, temperature, time, velocity, energy, power, pressure, computer storage etc..
  20. This is your life information including the day of the week on which you were born, number of days you have lived, your Zodiac sign and the day of the week on which your next birthday falls. Your Chinese age and your date of birth in many other calendar systems are also displayed.
  21. “World Clocks” to display simultaneously the local times at any 12 world-wide locations.
  22. “What Time is it in?” to calculate the current time and date for a world-wide location and to identify Time Zone abbreviations.
  23. A “countdown timer” for counting down, second by second, any specified time period to zero.
  24. A multi-sheet Quick Notes facility for holding miscellaneous plain text items.
  25. An alarm clock facility for defining an alarm for a given time on a given date. A user may specify the duration of the alarm which may be repeated, after a specified quiet time, up to five more times.
  26. “Dual Calendars” – full year calendars in various calendar systems which show, not only the months and days for a year in any one of the calendar systems, but also the corresponding Gregorian dates.

Download :- Calendar Magic

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