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Writer - Personal Offline Text Editor

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Used by over 16 thousand people, Writer is your personal offline text editor for everything. Writer is designed with Material Design in mind; at the core to be exact. And with an elegant design at heart, we wanted it to be yours, so you can customize the color of the interface, ranging from a multitude of Material Design colors for the title bar and fab - to a light and dark interface, which ever best suits your environment.

We also made Writer work offline, so when you don't have internet at the ready, it won't impair your interaction with Writer. We even have 3 templates (and more to come!) built in easy for your to get started with your work. Finally, we made writer fast, and simple to use.

Writer uses the latest web technologies, allowing Writer to run at blazing fast speeds, so no matter how fast you work - Writer can keep up. Writer also is very simple, and intuitive to use; allowing you to use the system for what it's intended for; and not spent looking for things.

Developer: Carlos Santos
Price: Free
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