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Videostream for Google Chromecast

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Play your own favorite downloaded videos on your Chromecast or Android TV directly from your computer (PC, Mac, Linux) in full HD 1080p. Also You can grab Videostream corresponding Android and iOS remote apps too!

Features :-

  1. Background permission - This lets the mobile apps connect without launching Videostream so you can browse and start videos without opening the desktop app! Also it makes us more stable and lets you close the tab while videos are playing.
  2. let you wirelessly stream your videos hassle free, WITHOUT installing a media server!
  3. The fastest set up of any Chromecast media streaming app for your computer
  4. Simply pick video files you want to watch on your TV
  5. Don't wait for a program to index your entire computer
  6. No need to run a "media server" that makes your computer run slow
  7. You don't need a computer degree to use it
  8. Support for Subtitles
  9. Full 1080p streaming of downloaded mp4 video and some MKVs
  10. Full support for AVI and MKV files (and 450+ others!)
  11. Full media library: browse your PC from your phone!
  12. Mp3/Music streaming
  13. 3D Videos
Videostream Chromecast: Mobile
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