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Zube - Virtual Task Board for Developers

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Zube is virtual task board for your software development team. Zube’s GitHub so your GitHub issues are automatically pulled into Zube, and your Zube data is synchronized with GitHub in real-time. Zube offer free service for all open source projects and all public GitHub Repositories.

Features :-

  1. Sort, Prioritize, Assign - Organize your GitHub issues on a Zube board. Assign tasks to team members by dragging cards into their row. Close issues by dragging them into the Done column.
  2. Real Time Interaction - All data changes are propagated in real-time
  3. Focused On You - Your issues live in your own row.
  4. Specially Made for Developers - GHF Markdown and syntax highlighting!
  5. Full GitHub Integration - All changes made in Zube are pushed to GitHub in real-time. Likewise changes on GitHub appear on your Zube board as they happen. Zube synchronizes issues, pull requests, labels, comments, events, commit references, milestones, collaborators, and repositories.

Download :- Zube Web App

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