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Voxel Builder - Cube Based 3D Design with DIY 2D/3D Printing

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Voxel Builder is an open source tool that lets anyone design and edit 3D voxel (cube) models easily, right in their web browser.

Features :-

  1. Use the Builder to create and edit voxel (AKA cube) models.
  2. When you are done, export it as a PNG file (from the menu in Builder), like this:
  3. You can manufacture your critter using either a 2D printer or a 3D printer.
  4. 2D Printer - Drop your critter PNG onto it to generate pages. Print the pages so that each layer is a different page on a color printer. Then use scissors and glue to assemble each layer!
  5. 3D Printer - Drop your critter PNG onto it to generate a 3D printable STL file.
  6. Three STL files loaded into MakerWare: unsmoothed, smoothed with surface nets and smoothed with marching cubes.

Download :- Voxel Builder

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