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SnipCart - Add Custom Shopping Cart to Any Website in Minutes

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Snipcart is fully customizable, HTML and JavaScript-based shopping cart software solution that allow developers to quickly turn any website into an extensive E-Commerce platform. With a brief JS inclusion of their source code, developers can utilize HTML Markup to turn all their links into buyable products.

Since Snipcart is actually technology-independent (pure HTML), developers can function with any CMS and also frameworks. Once they’ve created their site just how they wanted for you to, they simply incorporate Snipcart, which supplies a smoothly integrated pop-up shopping cart software keeping the user’s total buying experience on-site.

End-users gain access to a dashboard where they manage product sales, orders, discounts, clients, taxes and transport. With Snipcart, merchants can sell securely across the world, making it a simple yet effective international e-commerce instrument.

Web development outlets can maximize their efficiency when tackling e-commerce projects. And developers can finally work with a light, flexible and also powerful e-commerce platform.

Download :- Snipcart Shopping Cart

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