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Project Comet - Designing And Prototyping tool by Adobe

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Design and prototype websites and mobile apps faster than ever with Project Comet, the first all-in-one solution for UX designers.

Take your UX designs from start to finish with the cross-platform app that lets you do it all - wireframing, visual design, interaction design, prototyping, previewing and sharing. And because it's built from the ground up, Comet delivers innovative tools and breakthrough performance to help you design in record time.

Features :-

  1. Killer tools and performance for wireframing and interface design - Intuitive layout tools and lightning-fast performance help you draw, reuse and remix design elements fast.
  2. Create interactive prototypes - Add interactions, animations and gestures so you can test how users will experience your design. Continue making refinements, and see changes reflected immediately in your prototype.
  3. Live Preview on devices - See your mobile designs in context and in real time on connected devices so you can rapidly test and iterate.
  4. Easy Sharing - Send team members and stakeholders a link to your prototypes and let them comment directly on the designs. And share production-ready work with developers so they can build to your specifications.
  5. Work smoothly with Photoshop and Illustrator - Bring your existing assets right into Comet. And use roundtrip workflows for bitmap and vector editing.
  6. Extend the app's functionality - Use your own or community-built plug-ins to add new capabilities or enable custom workflows.

Download :- Project Comet

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