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Piclay - Photo Editor, Blend, Mirror, Collage, Text and Effects

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Piclay - The complete photo app for your iPhone. 

Overlay, mirror and collage your photos. Add amazing typography, beautiful color blends, FX and frames. Post full sized pics to Instagram. Adjust and edit the color, brightness and sharpness of your photographs. Piclay has the best photo editing tools all in one simple app.

 Creating your own unique masterpiece has never been so easy.

Features :-

  1. Overlay Mode :- Blend two images form your camera or album together using overlay mode, creating a transparent/double exposure effect. Adjust the opacity or easily add photo effects to your overlaid images including: Multiply, Screen, Darken, Lighten and Overlay. New Piclay overlay images make it easier than ever to create a unique double exposure masterpiece. Choose from, sunsets, flowers, textures, landscapes, galaxies, skylines and more.
  2. Typography :- Add beautiful Typography to your photos using our simple text feature. Over 100 free hand picked unique fonts to choose from. Add multiple text layers. Edit their size, positioning, color with ease. You can also adjust the opacity, rotate and shading.
  3. Mirror Mode - Create unique images, by mirroring photos from your camera or album. Simple and easy to use mirror mode makes Piclay the number one mirror/reflection app on the Appstore. Choose from 4 different mirror/reflection effects, vertical, horizontal, squared, 4x vertical. Use the simple editing scale to mirror your photos perfectly.
  4. Collage Mode - Easily combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture. Choose from loads of different collage combinations; edit the frame spacing on each collage to create amazing images. Blend the edges of the collage to create a unique effect.
  5. Fx :- Add incredible FX and to give your photo and adjust the opacity to give your image professional look you desire. FX features two categories. 1st - Artistic - 27 original and exclusive to Piclay, they are not available on any other app on the Appstore.  2nd :- Presets - 18 different moods to choose from changing the feel of your image.
  6. Frames :- Add a frame to your picture to give it a professional look. Piclay has 2 frame categories with over 40 frames to choose from. 1st - Artistic - 24 original and exclusive to Piclay and 2nd :- Shapes - 18 of your favourite shape frames.
  7. Color Blends - Change the mood and feel of your image using Piclay’s original color blends. Easily mix a color blend with any image to create a unique work of art. 24 color blends, Adjust the opacity
  8. Tones - Change the sharpness, saturation and brightness of your image using the tones mode. Make any pic into a professional looking image with ease.
  9. Share all works of art via Instagram and Facebook. 

Checkout @piclay on Instagram and hash-tag #piclay to have your artwork featured.
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