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Parcl - Shop anywhere, ship everywhere and save

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Parcl is a online community of shoppers and trusted forwarders that help each other get a delivery deal everywhere!  The idea of Parcl was born when a few friends found themselves in need of an across-the-world delivery for collectibles. Unfortunately, there was no company that could offer just what we needed. There were a lot of regular people, who could potentially help us right away just because they lived in the right country. But how do we reach those people?

How it Work :-

  1. Found a great deal at an online store, but they don't ship to your country?
  2. Head to Parcl and find a great forwarder to help you out with purchase and delivery!
  3. Choose from a wide selection of shipping methods and extra services.
  4. Unpack and Enjoy! Your custom delivery arrives where and when you want it.
  5. Trusted forwarders registered at Parcl deliver your packages via the world leading carriers, ensuring safe and timely delivery
  6. Secure and Fast Payments

Download :- Parcl Web App

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