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Dash of Color - Colorful Photo Editor with Grayscale Effects

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Dash of Color FREE lets you give an extra boost of color to any photo that could benefit from that "something extra". Giving each shot its own special artistic "kick" and individual feel, this simple and fun to use app brings back the joy of finger painting as you transform black and white pics into dramatic works of art.

How many times have you looked at a perfectly composed photo and thought that it would look so much better as a classic black and white shot? Or better yet, a black and white with just the right amount of color splashed in for a dramatic effect. Sadly, you have no photography experience and you just can't bring yourself to go to one of those pricey studios or buy expensive, hard to use photo editing software.

Just Choose an image and Dash of Color will transform it into a classic black and white shot.  Consider this a canvas upon which you will create your masterpiece. Just paint with your finger to add dashes of color in all the right places.

Features :-

  1. Simple, yet refined user interface
  2. New Zoom features
  3. Undo (saves your every move from the very beginning)
  4. Paint in color
  5. Paint in black & white (to erase)
  6. Twitter and email integration
  7. Post your photos to our public gallery to share
Dash of Color Free
Developer: Free The Apps
Price: Free

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