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SnipandShare for Slack - Share the Best Bits of the Web

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SnipandShare for Slack is a browser extension that allow you to select anything on the web or take a snapshot, and share it with anyone. It's the simplest way to share the web. Take any part of a webpage, and share to your friends. It’s super quick, and super easy.

Features :-

  1. Snip anything! Text, images, GIFs, videos, or your own screenshots.
  2. To your Twitter, Facebook, email and Slack. Yes, Slack - woo!
  3. Customize your snips with a comment or a drawing with the pen highlighter.
  4. A quick way is to email it to yourself (which works really well); but indeed we have a mobile solution in the works!
  5. It mainly focus on sharing, and our experience is pretty much unrivalled. For example, try snipping a GIF to Twitter - you’ll see.

Download :- Chrome App

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