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Screencastify - Video Screen Capture Extension for Chrome

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Screencastify is a simple video screen capture extension (aka. screencast recorder) for Chrome. It is able to record all screen activity inside a tab, including audio.

Just press record and the content of your tab is recorded. So you can easily create a screencast for video tutorials, record presentations etc. It also supports desktop capturing, allowing you to record anything on your screen (not just tabs).

Videos are recorded as webm/vp8 files with ogg vorbis audio and can be saved to disk or uploaded to Youtube or Google Drive with a single click.

Features :-

  1. Record videos directly in Chrome
  2. Integrates with Google Drive
  3. Sharing your recordings on YouTube or Google Drive is very easy with Screencastify.
  4. Access your tabs and browsing activity
  5. Capture content of your screen
  6. Add a webcam feed to give your recordings a personal touch. Connect an external camera or microphone. Configure keyboard shortcuts to start recording with a single keystroke.

Download :- Chrome Extension

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