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Reditr - Desktop Client for Reddit

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Reditr is a desktop application for Reddit.com with an intuitive column design with fast browsing for your endless entertainment needs.

Features :-

  1. View multiple subreddits at once via column interface
  2. View one subreddit in great detail via stream interface
  3. Instantly reply to any message or post you see without leaving the page
  4. Automatic draft saving - never lose what you've typed on Reddit again
  5. Navigate through comments intelligently with many sorting options added on top of Reddit's defaults
  6. Quickly view your Reddit browsing history
  7. Highlight new comments since last visit
  8. Import tags with RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite)
  9. View post/link contents and comments simultaneously
  10. User tagging system (give users multiple tags & synchronizes)
  11. Friend Manager
  12. Subreddits update automatically
  13. Cross device account synchronization
  14. Private messages into interactive chat
  15. Load all comments automatically
  16. Bulk private messages sender
  17. Custom columns (follow friends, multiple subreddits etc.)
  18. Hover zoom for images and other content
  19. Live notifications (messages, replies etc.)
  20. Customizable hotkeys
  21. Full comment controls
  22. Save posts & comments
  23. Moderation Tool
  24. Gallery mode for picture intense subreddits
  25. Dark and Light Theme
  26. Custom Signatures
  27. Multiple account support
  28. Search capabilities
  29. User profile viewer

Download :- Web / Chrome Extension

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