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QuickVoice Recorder - Voice Recorder for iPhone

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QuickVoice is the most popular, full-featured iPhone/iPad/iPod voice recorder for iPhone. Record ideas, voice memos, voice email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes, or entire lectures.

Features :-

  1. One Touch Recording
  2. One Touch Stop & File Saved
  3. Super Small MP4 Recording File Sizes
  4. Send Voice Emails Up to 5MB
  5. Records for Seconds or Hours
  6. Pause Record and Resume
  7. Adjustable Recording Qualities
  8. Flip Mode For Mic on Top Recording
  9. Record Timer and Playback Counter
  10. Double Tap for Quick Playbacks
  11. Auto File Naming w/Optional Renaming
  12. Finger Scroll Through Messages
  13. Pause Play and Resume Modes
  14. Drag Slider for Seek/RWND/FFWD
  15. Audio Level VU Meter
  16. Displays File Sizes and Time Stamps
  17. Plays Thru Earpiece, Speaker, Ear Buds
  18. Use Devices' Built-In or Add-On Mics
  19. Ringtone Recording Feature
  20. EZ Sync Recordings to Computer
  21. Great Visual Voicemail Like Interface
  22. Voice Reminder Notes
  23. Send Voice Notes Through Apple's iMessages

Download :- iOS App

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