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Puki.me - URL Shortener for Digital Marketing Professional

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Puki.me is a online URL shortener for digital marketing professional that shortens the links generated by blogs, media outlets, and images from any website.

Features :-

  1. Simple Dashboard to manage and track each and every shorten link you have created. Manage your URLs, create batches, splash page manager and settings all the same board.
  2. Complete Analytics - Track each of the clicks and analyze closely. Analyze the country, the reference date and time of the search.
  3. Password Protected - Set a password to protect links from unauthorized access.
  4. GeoTarget - GeoTarget their links to redirect visitors to specialized pages and increasing conversion.
  5. Roll - Group your links for easy access and sharing with the public in you public profile.
  6. Share - Share your links in one click through the control panel.

Download :- Puki.me Webapp

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