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Kolab Now - Fully Secure Collaboration and Communication Platform

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Kolab Now is a Fully secure, privacy-focused web-based email and groupware service that is easy to use on any device. Whether you are a legal counsel, journalist, diplomat or just a regular... It’s an open source platform owned and operated by Kolab Systems AG and was formerly known as MyKolab.

Features :-

  1. Synchronization with mobile devices - The ActiveSync option allows to synchronize emails, contacts, events and tasks from Kolab Now to a mobile device.
  2. Native desktop client for all platforms
  3. Server-side mail filtering
  4. Free/Busy Information for Planning
  5. Threaded mail view
  6. Task Management
  7. File Storage
  8. Customizable Web client
  9. Easy to Set up multiple identities
  10. Multiple calendar folders and views
  11. Search and Tagging - Powerful full-text search and filtering makes it easy to find specific emails, even across multiple folders. Emails can be tagged using Kolab's unified tagging system which allows the same tags to be used on events, notes, ToDos, etc.

Download :- Kolab Now

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