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FullContact for Gmail - Contact Management App

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FullContact for Gmail is a browser extension for Gmail that manage your Gmail contacts, right from your inbox.

Features :-

  1. See photos, social profiles and job titles
  2. Scroll through latest tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos
  3. Save time and connect deeper
  4. Get company information.
  5. See detailed info about your contacts’ organizations
  6. Get company description, size, location, and demographics
  7. Build better connections.
  8. Mention shared interests, recent tweets, and more to build stronger relationships
  9. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks with just a click
  10. See if contacts are nearby & set up a calendar invite to meet
  11. Keep it all in sync
  12. Easy to Add notes and tags to contacts
  13. Sync everything to Google Contacts and your devices with a single click

Download :- Chrome Extension / Mac OS X / iOS App / Android App

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