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Folio for Mac - Simple Version Control App for Designers

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Folio for Mac is a simple version control app for designers. It lets you clean up all your duplicates by allowing you to browse and restore previous versions of your design documents.

Features :-

  1. Beautiful Browser - Folio’s beautiful visual waterfall display makes great use of your screen real estate. It shows all files in the project (including subdirectories) in one overview.
  2. Full Visual history - Folio keeps a full history of all versions and allows you to create and restore specific versions with ease.
  3. Ultra light Fast - Folio is a modern Mac app taking advantage of all the power of your CPU and graphics card to make browsing previews and viewing file history instant.
  4. Built on Git - Git is a distributed version control system used by millions of developers to secure their work.

Download :- Folio for Mac

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