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Folio - Collaborative Online Platform for Academic Publications

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Folio is a Collaborative online platform for academic publications. Basically it’s an platform that contains thousands of publications spanning a wide array of topics you can use to filter your searches.

The application has a minimalist design and is very easy to use. Just enter the website and click on 'new story'. From there, you can add a title, the text, and an image; posts can also be composed collaboratively. The posts' structure is very simple: one background image and the text in the center. You can add pages as needed and choose from five styles that combine your images and text in different ways.

Features :-

  1. Collaborative Approach - Before posting your documents you can share a private URL with people so they can then give you their suggestions or corrections.
  2. Easy to add pictures and videos directly from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, or Vimeo.

Download :- Folio Webapp

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