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Dialzoo - Free Calls to Your Email Address

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Dialzoo is a Web based platform that allow you to make free calls to anyone directly from your browser using the recipient’s email address instead of their phone number. Users who wish to receive the calls on their phone (landline or mobile) just link their phone number to their email address in dialzoo; otherwise, the caller is invited to leave a dialzoo voicemail that will be forwarded to the recipient’s email inbox.

How it work :-

  1. Go to our simple URL : https://dialzoo.me/contact@email.com
  2. Using WebRTC in the browser, you will be connected to your contact.
  3. If the email is not registered with Dialzoo, you can leave him a voicemail, which will be sent to his email inbox.
  4. If the email is linked to a phone number, the phone rings.

Features :-

  1. Allow you to hide your phone number and get called using a simple URL that you can share with an easy copy-paste.
  2. Also allows you to send voicemails to any email address in a click.

Download :- DialZoo WebApp

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