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Calmly Writer - Ultimate Distraction Free Text Editor

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Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer is a Ultimate distraction free text editor for Mac, Windows, Linux and ChromeOS. it mainly focus on what you want to tell, with a simple, unobtrusive and distraction-free user interface.

Features :-

  1. Cloud Saving: - Your writing is automatically saved every time you make a change. Thanks to Google Drive, you can access your work from anywhere and from any of your computers.
  2. Distraction Free Full Screen Mode
  3. Focus-mode, which highlights only the paragraph you are editing at the time. *Format your text by simply selecting and clicking on the toolbar. If you prefer, you can also do it using keyboard shortcuts or markdown.
  4. Import: HTML, plain text, markdown and Microsoft Word .docx.
  5. Export: HTML, plain text, markdown and PDF (print option).
  6. Easy to run as Offline text editor
  7. Embed or link images.
  8. Dark Mode
  9. Estimated reading time.
  10. Word and character counter.
  11. OpenDyslexic mode: a font that improves readability for user with dyslexia
  12. Responsive Design

Download :- Chrome Extension

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