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Advanced REST Client - Debugger for RESTful Web Services

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Advanced REST Client is a browser extension that allow web developer to create and test custom  HTTP requests.

Features :-

  1. Integrated with Google Drive
  2. It's own backend service to store and share data between coworkers
  3. convenient HTTP headers and payload editor thanks CodeMirror
  4. Make a HTTP request (via XmlHttpRequest level 2)
  5. Debug socket (via web socket API).
  6. JSON response viewer
  7. XML response viewer
  8. set custom headers - even does not supported by XmlHttpRequest object
  9. Help with filling HTTP headers (hint + code completion)
  10. Add headers list as raw data or via form
  11. construct POST or PUT body via raw input, form or send files with request
  12. set custom form encoding
  13. remember latest request (save current form state and restore on load)
  14. save (Ctrl+S) and open (Ctrl+O) saved request forms
  15. History Support
  16. Data Export and Import

Download :- Chrome Extension / Firefox Extension

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