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ActiveInbox for Gmail - Use Gmail to Get Things Done

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ActiveInbox is a browser extension for Gmail that turns Gmail into a task manager, where your emails are your tasks. The actioned email will then be tracked by ActiveInbox, ensuring everything important eventually gets done.

Features :-

  1. Never forget to do an email, by a due date
  2. Achieve Inbox Zero
  3. Make sure you always get a response
  4. Turn emails into actions for better email management
  5. Give the email a due date and Gmail will remind you on the day, ensuring you always impress your contacts by responding when you promise you will.
  6. prioritize important emails by dragging them higher up your task list.
  7. ActiveInbox helps you write better replies by automatically showing you previous emails and outstanding tasks for a contact.
  8. Note down time saving information

Download :- Chrome Extension / Firefox Extension

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