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Rotaboard - Web-based Work Scheduler

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Rotaboard is a web-based work scheduling application. It sports a simple drag-and-drop interface that handles both regular and recurring shifts, holidays, notifications etc.


  1. Simple and easy drag and drop interface. Just drag templates onto your board to create a shift, or drag to the trash to delete.
  2. Create regular and recurring shifts (define your shift patterns)
  3. Customizable shift types (Holidays, Training etc). Fully customizable templates, then simply drag then onto your rota board.
  4. Send notifications and share your online rota with your staff members.
  5. See your staff's weekly payable hours at a glance
  6. Easily navigate with the dynamic calendar picker. Plan your schedules as far into the future as you require.
  7. Manage an unlimited number of employee's.

Download :- Rotaboard

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