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Clockspot - Employee Time Tracking & Online Timesheet

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Clockspot is a web based Employee Time Tracking & Online Timesheet. Simply sign-up for a Free 30-day trial (no credit card required!). Your company will receive its own login page and employee time tracking account, where you can track your employees sign in and sign out of work.

By using this app, employers can easily track and view employee work hours and generate payment reports.

Features :-

  1. Phone Clocking (clocking in and out by phone)
  2. Employees track time using any web browser, cell phone, or landline.
  3. Track by job, client or project
  4. Accrue and manage PTO balance
  5. Employee voice reports
  6. Employee voice authentication
  7. Assign tasks for employees
  8. Export payroll data to Excel, PDF or HTML
  9. Calculate overtime and payroll
  10. Employees can submit absence requests
  11. Leave messages for employees

Download :- Clockspot

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