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BitGo - Most Secure Bitcoin Wallet

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BitGo-Most Secure Bitcoin Wallet

The BitGo Chrome app is a desktop version of the BitGo multi-sig wallet, and offers all of the same ease of use, protection, and security as the online version. It runs client-side code in a protected format, which safeguards the code and specifically protects the user key from tampering by third parties.

Whether you’re managing your personal holdings or running a business, BitGo’s multi-sig wallets offer best-in-class security, privacy, and ease of use, including:

  1. Full control: Each BitGo wallet has three keys, two of which are needed to transact. BitGo holds one while you hold the other two, which means we are never able to spend funds on your behalf.
  2. Advanced security: BitGo handles user authentication, fraud detection, and policy verification before co-signing any transaction.
  3. Financial privacy: All BitGo wallets are hierarchical-deterministic (HD). Every time a transaction is made we rotate the address of your wallet so the outside world thinks it’s a new account, making it much harder for others to follow your financial moves on the blockchain.
  4. Always-on monitoring: Get instant alerts for every transaction, track audit logs, and get detailed reports for your bitcoin holdings.
  5. Treasury policies: Add multiple users and roles to your wallet. Whitelist trusted bitcoin addresses and set daily and per-transaction spending limits to protect your funds.

Download :- Chrome Extension / BitGo

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