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Revival UI Kit Vol 2 - Web UI toolkit to build Web Application

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Revival UI Kit Vol 2
Revival UI Kit Vol 2

Revival UI Kit Vol 2 is a new web UI toolkit design by ankit.d.parmar that give you clean, elegant and modern look to your audio and video player. The web UI kit is completely design with shape objects and in some cases converted into Smart Objects. So they’re totally scalable. All UI elements are well organized, fully layered with hover and pressed states. ideal for web layout, web application and custom theme.
List of elements :

  1. Audio and Video Player
  2. Controls (Equalizer, buttons & Knob )
  3. Calendar
  4. Social Media (Icon, Social Wheel & Chat)
  5. Tabs and Accordian
  6. Various type of Slideshow such as Large & Thumbnail Slideshow

Visit Website : Revival UI Kit Vol 2

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